Razorpay Clarification –

Business Model – This business model is an e-book.  Deep information about each business  given in ebook. We want to reach this book

through razorpay to those people who want to do business. The only purpose of this eBook

is to reduce the unemployed ratio of the country.

Clarification – We are not providing any flight ticket .

About Us –

Dear friend, we hope you are all well. My name is Sudhanshu Srivastava. I am the co-founder of www.everythingpro.in. If you talk in my education so am bachelor of Information and Technology. We have a great team with whom our team works for the youth .

Contact us –

Officially Mail – contact@everythingpro.in

Personal Mail – sudhanshuu875@gmail.com

Operational Address – 25 New Vijay Nagar Etawah ( U.P)

Pincode – 206001

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